The story of Kanenone

The story of Kanenone

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Warm sunlight, the sound of the flowing river, and the bounty of the land that you can harvest yourself. Kanenone Tamba is a small inn situated in the Satoyama area.

Warm sunlight, the sound of the flowing river, and the bounty of the land that you can harvest yourself. Kanenone Tamba is a small inn situated in the Satoyama area. Kanenone Tamba takes a step forward as a “nurturing hotel” in the spring of 2023.

In 2018, we inherited a house, rice fields, and a small chestnut forest in Tamba City, Hyogo Prefecture from our grandmother.
The house and farmland had been completely abandoned for about 40 years since our grandparents moved away. We often hear that that a house and land can become overgrown and dilapidated when there is no one living there. When we started to plan our hotel, we first had to investigate the state of the neglected old house and mostly untouched farmland.

Our hotel project began with a desire to preserve the nostalgic scenery, but it has been full of surprises. We were often advised to “just build something new” or told that it was impossible to restore the existing structures. The buildings were in a dire state, especially the main house and the warehouse. The floors had given way and the walls had crumbled, leaving them on the verge of collapse.

Despite everything, we couldn’t bring ourselves to let go of the old thatched roof, the magnificent chestnut grove that bears large and splendid fruits every year, and the stunning view of the picturesque mountain range that surrounds our beautiful rural landscape.
Although it would have been easy to tear down the dilapidated old buildings and abandon the fields, we felt that it would be so much more rewarding to offer them to our guests as inherited blessings.

Reality can be tough, and there were aspects that didn’t go as intended. That’s precisely why this establishment will open as a hotel that’s always progressing and evolving, dedicated to growth.

  • ・Cultivating crops with our own hands
  • ・Growing a lawn area (dog run) that anyone can enjoy
  • ・Nurturing products that promote relaxation and offer a chance to unwind

Our hotel is an ever-changing, growing entity that’s never quite complete, and we invite all our guest to enjoy their stay with us.

Moreover, we are committed to turning this place into a “nurturing ground” that fosters personal growth and development.

Since our founding in 2005, we’ve been dedicated to brightening up the service industry. We’ve helped to open and build many lodging facilities over the years, always with the goal of one day running our own.
In addition to supporting the service and hospitality industry, we’ve always felt that it’s important to create a place where talented individuals can thrive and grow.

We don’t just want to cultivate “things,” but also “people”, “experiences” and “communities”. We want to create a place where all of these things can grow and flourish.

No one starts with a perfect score of 100. Even with thorough preparation, there will always be things that fall short. It’s only by doing and trying that we learn new things. And surely, there will be things that need to change for the better.

Continuing to cultivate is how we build the future.

We understand the importance of “nurturing” because we have interacted with many people and companies. Continuing to identify issues, adapting to change, making improvements, and ultimately growing are essential.
We want to cultivate an inn that embodies these values. Although there may be certain limitations inherent in an old traditional house,

visiting our inn will allow you to relax and rejuvenate both mentally and physically. You can even get involved by tending the soil and taking care of the nature.

We warmly invite customers who appreciate our dedication to personal service and nurturing care to visit us. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms.

Mari Sasanishi
CEO of Truth Inc.

  • Old farmhouse before renovation (Summer 2021)

  • Main house before renovation (Summer 2021)

  • Rice paddies, fields, and a small chestnut grove (Summer 2021)