Pet Accommodation Terms and Conditions

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To ensure that everyone has a pleasant stay, please observe the following rules.

  1. the Cottage is a facility for the exclusive use of indoor dogs, and as a rule, other animals are not permitted to stay in the Cottage.
  2. This facility is designed to accommodate pets (dogs), which are important members of the family, and a variety of breeds of dogs stay at this facility. In order to maintain the facility, the following conditions of use have been established.
    1. Only pets (dogs) that are kept indoors are allowed to stay at the facility, and no more than two pets of up to medium size (15 kg or less) are allowed per room.
    2. Pets (dogs) over six months of age that are toilet trained are allowed to stay at the hotel.
    3. Your pet must be inoculated against rabies with a rabies vaccine (dog) and at least 5 kinds of mixed vaccine.
      Bring the vaccination certificate on the day of stay.
    4. Bring the vaccination certificate with you on the day of your stay.
    5. The dog must be registered at a public health center.
    6. Pets (dogs) in heat are not allowed to stay at the hotel.
    7. Pets (dogs) that are not infected with contagious diseases.
    8. The pet (dog) must be socialized and trained.
  3. In order to ensure that everyone has a pleasant stay in the facility, please observe the following points before and during your stay. Failure to do so, or false information, may result in your being removed from the room or being denied use of the facility.
    1. Please shampoo your hair and take a bath before your departure.
    2. When entering the room, please wash your feet in the washing area or use the provided sheet to remove any dirt.
    3. Please dispose of any loose hair and dirt.
    4. Please do not allow feces and urine to be excreted in the plants, lawn areas, walking paths, etc.
    5. Please dispose of feces by yourself and put them in the special box.
    6. Please refrain from using the bathrooms in the guest rooms, etc., as it may cause infectious diseases.
    7. Please refrain from using the bathrooms, etc. in the guest rooms due to the risk of infectious diseases.
    8. Pets are only allowed to use the outdoor area, terrace, and the cottage, and are not allowed to enter the main house or restaurant.
    9. Please bring only dry or pouch food for your pet.
    10. Please do not leave your pets unattended in the room. (10) Please do not leave your pets unattended in the room.
    11. For safety reasons, please make sure to take off the leash when using the kennels.
    12. Pets must be held in your arms or on a leash when moving around the facility. (Please hold the leash short and pull the pet toward you.)
    13. If your pet damages furniture, fixtures, fittings, bedding, or other items, the owner will be responsible for the cost of repairs and may be billed for the actual cost. Please understand this in advance.
    14. When checking in or checking out, only the owner should go to the front desk to complete the formalities, and pets should not be allowed in the main building.
  4. Please return all furnishings to their original locations after use.
    Fixtures provided
    • Pet toilets, pet sheets, feces disposal bags
    • Tableware (for eating and drinking)
    • Wet wipes
    • Deodorant
    • Quickle wipers (handy type, for cleaning)
  5. This facility provides rooms for guests to spend time with their pets, not to keep them. Please manage your pets at your own risk. In the unlikely event that your pet is involved in an accident while using our facilities, we will not be liable for compensation for damages that are not attributable to us. Similarly, the Hotel shall not be liable for any damage not attributable to the Hotel in the event of any trouble between guests caused by their pets.

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