Enjoy the unspoiled landscape of Satoyama
in Tanba Kaibara.

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A small inn with only 5 rooms, each with a unique atmosphere, including two newly built pet-friendly cottages, all located in a 110-year-old renovated traditional Japanese house.

Our private farmland of approximately 2,000 square meters is located right in front of the inn, and here we cultivate vegetables and rice nurtured by the climate of Tamba.
Guests can savor the taste of locally grown produce that cannot be found in the city, together with their loved ones and pets.

Indulge your senses and enjoy the luxurious experience of the beautiful seasons of Tamba.

Tamba and Higami Valley have significant temperature differences.
The Kashiwara area is a place where the nostalgic landscape of a rural mountain village remains. Mountains tower in front of you, and the vast farmland spreading over approximately 2,000 square meters produces Tamba’s three treasures (Tamba chestnuts, Tamba black beans, and Tamba Dainagon azuki red beans) as well as colorful vegetables, offering breathtaking scenery throughout the four seasons and inviting people to the pinnacle of relaxation.
In spring, Kashiwara River is adorned with cherry blossom trees, and on clear mornings from autumn to spring, you can catch a glimpse of a sea of clouds. In the middle of winter, the landscape transforms into a majestic world of glistening snow. Every visit to Kashiwara promises a unique and unforgettable experience where you can immerse yourself in the tranquility of the rural scenery.

  • Kashiwara’s cherry blossom trees

  • Stone steps leading to Ishigandera Temple surrounded by fresh greenery

  • Autumn leaves at the main hall of Guseiji Temple

  • Road alongside Shinoyama River

Take a break from your everyday life and make lasting memories with your significant other, family, and beloved dog in our 5 exclusive spaces.

A 110-year-old traditional Japanese house that has been an integral part of Tamba’s rich history.
By renovating both the interior and exterior while preserving the scenic beauty and architectural advantages, we have transformed this traditional 110-year-old Japanese house into a hybrid design that blends modern architecture with its historical charm. With the addition of two new cottages, we have created 5 distinctive spaces that offer an escape from the city and an opportunity to relax and unwind in the tranquil countryside with your loved ones and furry companions.

Indulge in the bounties of Tamba’s rich natural landscape by harvesting the renowned Tamba Sanbo, rice, and vibrant vegetables. Take advantage of our open dog run while you’re at it.

Thanks to the climate in Tamba, numerous specialty products have been cultivated and harvested by the locals themselves. Here at Tamba Kashiwara, you can experience the true meaning of self-sufficiency by growing, harvesting, and eating this local produce.
In addition, we have a creatively designed grassy area (dog run), where visitors and their beloved dogs can have fun together. While watching your lively dog run around, enjoy the ever-changing scenery and harvest of seasonal vegetables with each visit, and savor the delicious dishes prepared by our chef to bring out the best of these vegetables.