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Tamba: a treasure trove of ingredients

Tamba’s brand foods are created by the unique terrain and climate of the region, such as the rich nature and the special hikami corridor.
Tamba Sanpo consists of Tamba chestnuts, Tamba black beans, and Tamba Dainagon Azuki beans, luxury brand foods that are well-known throughout the country. In addition, Tamba offers a variety of delicious must-try foods such as Tajima beef, the ancestor of Kobe beef, and Tamba Jidori chicken with its chewy texture and rich flavor.

A dedication to using only the best ingredients

A culinary experience unique to Kanenone Tamba
We want our guests who come from afar to have a valuable food experience that can only be enjoyed in Tamba. Tamba is a treasure trove of branded food products,
but their goodness should not be lost in the cooking process.
At Kanenone Tamba, we use fresh vegetables from our own farm and Tamba’s branded food products, and our top-notch chefs carefully prepare these ingredients while maximizing their flavor.

DINNER 17:30~

Integrating tradition and modernity

Kanenone Tamba values tradition while actively incorporating modernity.
At Kanenone Tamba, you can enjoy contemporary fusion cuisine that blends traditional French food with Asian flavors.

LUNCH 11:30~14:30(13:30 L/O)

For day-trip visitors, we offer a selection of dishes that are easy to enjoy and savor at your leisure.

Our hotel is surrounded by nature, and the area offers many places to enjoy leisurely walks and cycling along the Kaibara River, as well as famous spots for cherry blossom and autumn leaf viewing at the Bell Hill Park, which is located in Kaibara, the castle town of the Oda family. Take a deep breath of the fresh air and spend some time refreshing yourself. Our hotel offers the perfect escape for those seeking a refreshing retreat.
After some exercise, treat yourself to a healthy lunch that is sure to please both your eyes and your stomach. Enjoy our modern French cuisine, which features fresh, locally grown vegetables from our own farm.
Day-trip visitors and guests with dogs (seating available on our half-indoor terrace) are welcome to use our facilities.

Drinks menu

To complement our dishes that highlight the natural flavors of ingredients, we offer a selection of natural and local wines. We have over 50 different bottle wines available, starting from around 6,000 yen. For sake lovers, we offer a variety of sake from the Tamba region that perfectly pairs with our dishes.

Dogs’ food menu

  • Kanenone rice mixed with low-temperature cooked yogurt and Tamba deer meat.

  • Tajima chicken breast meat served with Gurie bamboo shoots and tomato ragout.

  • Low-temperature cooked Shirasagi salmon served with Tamba black beans and home-grown vegetables.